Tips and Guide to Mount Bromo Tour

Tips and Tour Guides to Mount Bromo are those that contain tips and tricks on Bromo tourist holidays. As one of the main attractions for the category of nature tourism and adventure tourism in East Java, then there are a number of things to consider when utilizing your vacation day when visiting Mount Bromo tourism objects. Where Bromo mountain tourism has a very beautiful natural panorama and must be started at dawn so there must be special preparation for the Bromo tour. Because the temperature and air in Bromo are indeed very cold, especially during the dry season.

Holiday Tips for Bromo, Things that need to be prepared for the Bromo Malang Tour are as follows:

  1. Warmest Choates or warm clothes, jackets
  2. Scarves, Buff, Bandanas and Hand Shirts
  3. Lightweight shoes + socks
  4. Masks, Bromo’s sea of sand is quite dusty during the dry season so you have to prepare it
  5. Rain Coat / Coat (if you take a Bromo tour package during the rainy season)
  6. Camera / Handycam to capture the moment to make it more memorable

Guide to Mount Bromo for backpackers, Careful planning, if you don’t want to bother taking care of all your needs by buying a Bromo tour package from a trusted travel agent. If at the peak of the holiday, for example at the end of the year holiday (Christmas and New Year Bromo Tour Package or Bromo Tourism Package Eid Al-Fitr), or during the national holiday, prepare hotel and lodging accommodation in Bromo, considering that here the reception is rather limited . Unless you wish to use a homestay/villa/ inn for local residents. If you visit Mount Bromo during high season/peak season or during the peak holiday season or when there is an event in Bromo, for example at the Kasada Ceremony or Jazz Gunung, try far away from all your needs when tourism to Bromo must be prepared especially is rent lodging and rent the hardtop vehicle. The number of visitors is often the problem is the inn and Bromo apartment because it is indeed limited. Unless you bring a 2-wheeled vehicle while to Mount Bromo. For backpackers to Bromo, it must also be prepared from the start. Because it is very regrettable if you have spent the cost and time for a holiday to Mount Bromo tour but can not see the beauty of the Bromo sunrise which is indeed so charming. Alternatively, you can use a motorcycle taxi from the inn to Gunung Penanjakan, but the cost is even more expensive. because ojek capacity is only for one person.

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