Penanjakan 1 on Mount Bromo Tour

One of the favorite locations on Mount Bromo Tour is Pananjakan 1. In there we can see the sunrise with beautiful sunset directly. Pananjakan 1 Mountain has a height of up to 2,770 Mdpl. In fact, not a few tourists who come to visit Mount Bromo Tour with the main goal of Pananjakan mountain peak 1. And for tourists who have visited there to watch the sunrise, it will be said “The Famous of Sunrise”. Usually, visitors who will indeed watch the sunrise must be ready from 03.00 a.m. with a typical Mount Bromo Tour from the inn you will be picked up by a jeep and of course with a professional driver. Booking this jeep shuttle car can be booked from far away by booking online or ordering by telephone.
The route to Pananjakan 1 Mount Bromo Tour, can be passed with 3 route.

  1. Pasuruan – Tosari and Purwodadi. From this route, it is usually the main route for tourists who will visit Penanjakan 1 on Mount Bromo Tour. Even if you stay at the area’s inn, there will be many groups other going to the same location.
  2. Malang – Tumpang. There are not many tourists from Tumpang Village. Because in addition to routes that are less okay also rarely tourists who use this route.
  3. Probolinggo – Cemara Lawang. And this is a very recommended route to get to 1st place on Mount Bromo Tour. In addition to easy access, during the trip, we can enjoy the beautiful natural treats. Starting from the view of the slopes of Mount Bromo and the view of the surrounding residents who are an activity with nature. Even lodging in this area is like a hotel, motel, homestay, and the villa is very friendly. Prices, residents and facilities are perfect for backpacker tours.

To get to Pananjakan 1 this is commonly known to use a jeep. But it turns out there is another way, namely by using a motorcycle or even with a family car. But it should be noted a few notes. Like the security and circumstances of the vehicle itself. It is better if you will use an alternative vehicle, you have to ask the local residents or go along with a group of jeeps and other motorbikes.

Pananjakan in Mount Bromo tour is one of the places that must be visited when you are in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TN-BTS) in East Java. Or if you want to be easier, complete, cheap and comfortable, you should contact the manager or some people to request a tour package.

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