Know more for love

At first there seems to be so many types of love. A mothers love, a love of action, the love of dedication, a love of devotion and I could list a thousand more different types of love.

So What is Love?

Is there a root to love?

As we love we seem to push, to test and try to go further. In the drive to be more, in the name of love -> it seems we do so many crazy things.

Why do people tend to push love to the edge? We look for ever more from our partners. For example, we seek and always strive to make our closer partners into soulmates.

The reason for so much energy being put towards love is:

Love is to become more or to help another become more..

The expression/style of more, is what determines the type of love you have.

The trap of love is to put a person in our hearts. We change, people change… To place a person in your heart is to break your heart later upon changing.

Instead, put connection to a person within your heart. In that manner as you change, as they change.. you stay connected and still help each other grow.

When working to maintain love: remember to strengthen your connections with flexibility rather than smothering, deepen connection with communication not restrictions.

Look to love being growth rather than something that never changes.